Electronic logging devices



Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are devices that automatically log driving time in commercial vehicles, increasing compliance with hours of service regulations and, in turn, reducing driver fatigue and improving administrative efficiency and safety on Canadian and American roads.


If you have a truck traveling in Canada or the United States, these regulations apply to you. It applies to carriers with trucks having a mass of more than 10,001 pounds / 4536Kg.


United State

The use of the electronic log book is mandatory for commercial trucks that are under federal regulation. In the United States, this type of regulation has existed since 2017.


This new regulation has been in force since January 1, 2023.


The use of a DCE has been mandatory since April 30, 2023, since it is on this date that the modification made to the Regulation respecting driving and rest hours for drivers of heavy vehicles came into force in Quebec.

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Canada exemption


Heavy vehicles which are covered by the regulations and whose driver is required to enter their driving, working and rest hours in an activity report, except:

  • Vehicles with a model year before 2000
  • Vehicles with a lease term of 30 days or less that is not extended or renewed
  • Vehicles driven within a radius of 160 km from their driver's home terminal and whose driver returns to his home terminal every day to take at least 8 consecutive hours of rest
  • Vehicles whose driver is traveling within a 160 km radius of their home terminal and cannot return to their home terminal the same day due to poor traffic conditions


Vehicles driven under the following conditions:


  • they are neither harnessed nor loaded, unless they transport by donkey method one or more vehicles forming part of the delivery, and are driven in order to be delivered 
  • Are at the home terminal of their owner following a transfer of ownership rights
  • are their tenant
  • are to their landlord during a rental contract or at its expiration
  • are at a branch of a vehicle rental company for an inventory adjustment

United State exemption

  • Drivers using a maximum of 8 days of paper daily logs in a 30-day period.
  • Tow truck drivers transporting an empty vehicle for sale, rental or repair.
  • Drivers of a vehicle manufactured before 2000s models

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