• Annual and temporary oversize/overweight permits CAD / USA
  • Annual alcohol permits
  • Hazardous materials permit
  • Annual special configuration permit (Article 633 MTQ)
  • Special Wheelbase permit
  • Temporary Permits (Trip and fuel only)
  • Waste permit

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Please send your permit application to the following email address:

When sending, it is your responsibility to confirm receipt of the document

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Special Permits

Thawing period

September 2023


Dates targeted for 2024 to come


Depending on changes in weather conditions, the start and end of the load restriction period may be brought forward or delayed.



Dates are given for informational purposes only and are valid as of the date of publication. Only dates listed on the ministry's website are valid. It is your responsibility to check them prior to any transport movement, to ensure that there have been no changes.