Transport outside Quebec

An operator who transports goods or people outside Quebec must comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

Under this agreement (International Fuel Tax Agreement [IFTA), the operator does not have to file fuel tax returns in each Canadian province or American state where the vehicle was operated.

IFTA report by AB Consultax 


AB Consultax inc. has invested in a system that produces reports in a way that complies with the requirements of each government.


In addition, if the vehicle is equipped with an electronic log, the driver and the company will be relieved of several tasks such as keeping mileage sheets and random audits of the companies.


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Other fuel tax report


In addition to the Quebec quarterly report (IFTA),

Some Canadian provinces and some American states charge a surcharge for the mileage traveled on their roads or require a fuel fee (carbon tax).

Here is the list of reports to be produced if you are traveling in the following provinces and/or states:


Carbon tax


  • Connecticut Highway Use Fee
  • Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU)
  • Oregon Weight Tax
  • New Mexico Weight Tax
  • New York Highway Use Tax (HUT)
  • Provinces: ON, MB, SK, NB, AB, PE, NL, NS
  • Territories: Nunavut, Yukon